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I haven’t posted any stories here on Progressive Dreamers in quite a while… It does look like CD is having technical issues again - so I’ll start posting again tonight or tomorrow morning if that continues. I fell recently and landed on broken glass which cut up my right hand pretty bad (20 stitches) - so I can’t type and do other work very efficiently.

No copyright issues as CD is nice to publish them with a Creative Commons license so when post one of their stories, I just acknowledge where the article came from and they are fine with it.


I know how you feel D. I fell and broke my wrist end november. In plaster for 6 weeks. It was a nightmare. Still is. Good luck.

Oh my goodness I’m sorry for your injury. I didn’t mean to give you extra work! Thanks for what you’re doing.

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No problem. I wonder if CD has problems with hackers - the latest problem with the blank comment sections getting generated looks pretty weird to happen by anything they’d do by accident.

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Hackers or not, looks like CD is restricting comments again - today 29th feb.
Did you get your stitches out?

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I only skimmed CD today and hadn’t noticed that. Was there a particular story that didn’t have comments? Or all of them?

Thanks for asking about my hand. Stitches are out but I still don’t have good use of my right thumb (can’t use a fork or knife with my right hand or use a hammer or brush my teeth with my right hand for example) - pretty frustrating overall - but it is getting better and the doctor says I should be fine in a few weeks.

It’s the latest top articles. 4 or 5. Within the last 30 minutes.

I am 6 weeks out of my plastercast and still having physiotherapy. I know how it feels to not be able to brush teeth/use knife/etc. But my writing with my left hand is impeccable. :rofl:

As the harried customer said to the staff at the upholstery shop: “I hope you recover quickly!”

(My left-handed writing looks like crap - but no one reads it except me so I can manage for now.)

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Hi - Yes - David thought a good first book for discussion would be “How Fascism Works” by Jason Stanley. We discussed format a bit and thought that doing a zoom meeting might work better for having a nice discussion and to limit this first try to just six people so we can get it working well. Also I suggested giving people a month to get and read the book. Still interested?

I haven’t got zoom or anything like it. I don’t have a computer. And as i said the books must be able to read online. (Not kindle. Don’t have that either) I am deprived of many things computerwise.

Hmmm - I can certainly arrange to have the book shipped to you if it’s not available at your local library. Do you have a tablet like an iPad or are you just working from a phone? - zoom certainly works on tablets. Participation from a phone is also fine - though you wouldn’t see the other people (it would just feel like a conference call).