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Testing how stuff here in the conversations affect the Wordpress site

Wow. Very cool. Great beginning. Now we only need to build up our readership and encourage people to post comments.

Thank you for doing this, dpearl!


Thanks for the kind words. I’m working with @Dara on trying to write an opinion piece on this and ask Common Dreams to publish it. It may be a long shot - but I think that would be the best way for the site to grow.
Also note - I’m a real amateur at the technology side here and am really hoping we can get a cooperative team together to sustain stuff.

Well the @ referencing works well - I got that notification.

Did you send your final version to CommonDreams already?

I did see an article I wanted to read carefully that you reposted (Eskow’s article on the Fed). I really want to concentrate on reading constructive pieces that lay out a solution more. There just isn’t enough of that these days - we should know exactly what to push for to make disasters like East Palestine a lot less likely, making bank instability less likely, war less likely and on and on. (I should figure out what “node” that article belongs on for my taxonomy.

I’m still editing my 2nd attempt at a ranked voting editorial. My past one was advocating for that particular modification to RCV, but after more reading and contemplation, I’d like to advocate for just the ranked ballot part and set up the legislation that the counting methods can be changed in the future (and of course you can preview the result of any counting method in any past election given the full Cast Vote Record which is often made available). If you are interested in that, I could send it to you when I’m done (I don’t want to publish it here yet as if I get a place like The Hill to print it, I don’t know what kind of rights they get to it).

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Thanks for putting this together. If there are things that I can do to help let me know!

Hi Briselica,
I tried to reprint today’s story on CD about the UN Secretary General. I hope I got all of the steps right as the last time I did this was back in April! Can you go to and test it out to see if everything seems like it’s working?


I’m here too. I used to be coco on cd till it crashed. So i’m coco again on here.


Terrific! What is your login name on CD?

There are indeed two stories about Guiterras, one by Olivia Rosane and the other Jake Johnson. I hope those were the ones you wanted me to check for.

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It appears the comments feature is back on Common Dreams, which is good, but it’s good to have this site in case of future glitches, further discussion, general unity and connection with like minds etc. Thanks again for taking the time and we should mention this option on CD too. I noticed many are still missing since the long comment drought on CD. I will check back here too

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Yes - I think the idea to have the site as a “Plan B” is still a good idea so I’ll go ahead and continue to pay the fees (not much anyway) to keep the site. With each time CD commenting goes down, we’ll probably get more people registered (now at 20 people) - so maybe next time we’ll get to a critical mass needed to sustain the conversation.
Besides the plan B aspect - do you think we should make use of the site to serve in a unique capacity of some kind? Features that have been suggested to me include: a progressive book club; a source for information on local progressive candidates; a place for stories CD doesn’t cover; a place to discuss ideas for actions that can be done virtually or integrate virtual and real world actions.

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How will the book club work? More info please dennis.

That was an idea from Fairley7. Under the discussion board format, I presume it would go something like this: 1) a group, combined with ideas from a “suggestion box”, would decide on a good read that is hopefully open access, 2) that would be posted with a link and then 3) a week later there would be a brief review posted and the discussion board would discuss.
Is that something you’d be interested in?

Yes indeed. What do you mean by open access? Like pdf form? I don’t have kindle or suchlike. But there are quite a few books free online via pdf.

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Yes - I was thinking of stuff where you just need internet access to read. I’ll email fairley7 and see if he is still interested. Maybe we can start with something short and then announce it in the CD commons to see if we can get a critical mass of people interested.


Hi D,
Any feedback yet from fairley7?
There are quite a few articles at CD today with no comment section.

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I have no idea how these things work but I was wondering if there are articles on common dreams that we wish to comment on, does the article itself have to be here, or could we read it on common dreams and then start a conversation thread here, if being able to post the original article here is problematic? I noticed that the articles that don’t have comments are the most insightful and “incite-ful”.

I think either of those would work. But best to have the article for reference.

Indeed I’m just saying if there’s trouble with copyright or being able to post the article elsewhere you could just make a section with a title for whatever article it happens to be and they can refer to it on common dreams and then post the comments in a thread here , if it’s not possible to post the article. You’re absolutely right it would be better to have the article here but I was thinking about a second choice.

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